Beard Monsters Grapefruit and Orange Blast Beard Balm 50ml

Beard Monsters Grapefruit and Orange Beard Balm For Men

A smooth moisturising beard balm with a refreshing blast of grapefruit and mandarin orange.

.A crisp, citrus essential oil blend with top notes of juicy grapefruit and mandarin orange followed by hints of mint and sage adding a serious blast to this refreshing fragrance.

What is beard balm you ask? Simply put, it’s the fastest way to get your bushy beard in line. By hydrating and softening individual hairs our balm is able to give your beard a fuller and healthier look that stands out. Get rid of itchy skin and a scratchy feel with the most straightforward facial hair maintenance tool around.  Best of all - it’s cruelty-free

Made From Natural Ingredients

COCOA BUTTER-Has some amazing qualities for beards such as strengthening the hair shaft, which reduces breakages and gives a thicker, fuller feeling beard, it also moisturizes the hair and skin beneath to ,make your beard more softer and manageable.

SHEA BUTTER- Is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the beard and locks in moisture for a long lasting, softer feeling beard.

SWEET ALMOND OIL-We use this oil as it absorbs quickly into the beard leaving a great softness, is rich in a huge range of vitamins including vitamin E which means this oil will nourish and protect as well as calm skin irritation

BEESWAX-The main focus of beeswax in our products is to moisturize and style, beeswax contains a large quantity of vitamin A which helps to moisturize and lock in that goodness as well as tucking in stray hairs to keep you beard looking amazing.


Cocoa Butter - Theobroma Cacao 
Shea Butter - Butyrospermum Parkii 
Sweet Almond Oil - Prunus dulci 
Beeswax - Cera Alba 


(Essential oil blend allergens)
Citral, Linalol, Limonene