If you’re new to the beard game or have been hairy since birth but never purchased dedicated products, you’re probably wondering what they’re all about. Look at it this way: every part of your body requires different types of attention to stay magnificent, from shampoo and conditioner, to deodorant, toothpaste and moisturiser.

Your beard deserves its own grooming regime just like your barnet does, which is why beard oil is specially designed to keep your facial fuzz looking its best, whether it’s an elegant handlebar moustache or a full-on lumberjack neck warmer.


Beard and moustache hairs are very different from the ones growing on your head, as they tend to be thicker and far more wiry. The same goes for the skin underneath them, with the face naturally being less oily than the scalp. The result is a type of hair that needs unique attention and products, such as beard shampoo, beard oil, and potentially special grooming tools the likes of a good stiff brush and a fine-tooth comb.


Whilst your head hair can sometimes prove unmanageable without wax or spray, beards take the madness to a whole new level. Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll find that it grows at various angles, lengths and speeds (not to mention colours), with some particularly wildcard strands appearing as if they’re trying to escape your mug entirely.